Internal and Export Credit Insurance

This Insurance concerns the financial losses suffered due to the uncashed in amount of the claims of the delivery of goods/provision of services, from Romanian and/or foreign debtors.

Insured Risks:

The commercial risks stemming from the trade done with all the debtor clients included in the insurance, that have appeared due to the insolvency/bankruptcy of the clients or due to the debts being unpaid, regardless of the cause (including bad faith);

Internal and Export Credit Insurance Advantages:

  • The risk is transferred to a practised partner that shares your objective;
  • The Insured Party is allowed to focus on its main activities;
  • Increased ease of attracting clients – even if the local market and legislation are foreign to you, your money is safe;
  • Your business will be protected from losses
  • Increased ease of collecting claims, leading to improved workflow;
  • Improved firm image for banks and suppliers;